Friday, July 31, 2009

Has anyone had a impacted tooth pulled down or their wisdom teeth pulled that could answer this question?

I am 13 and getting them pulled Friday. What is the pain like? I am really scared and was wondering if anyone had any past experiences or advice.

Has anyone had a impacted tooth pulled down or their wisdom teeth pulled that could answer this question?
I had 4 impacted teeth excised when I was about your age. The dentist knocked me totally out so I don't remember a thing about the actual pulling of the teeth. I can tell you though that the pain was not that bed afterwards. They sent me home with a prescription for some kind of pain medication, but I didn't really take it after the first day. It seems like I didn't really feel like doing anything for a couple of days though, I may have used getting my teeth pulled as an excuse to just lay around and catch up on some sleep, lol. Hope all goes well for you!
Reply:I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed at one time when I was 21. I had difficulty opening my jaw, but the pain wasn't too bad. I took Tylenol #3's and that was enough. I was talking on the phone with my friends the next day.
Reply:yeah, i was 12 when they pulled out one of my teeth. Uhhm, it doesn't hurt like at all. They give you about 2 shots, it depends, and your whole mouth feels numb in like seconds. Then they get like a wrench thingi and shake it don't feel a thing. =] hope i helped.. good luck =]
Reply:3 of my wisdom teeth were impacted, and they had to be dug out. during the procedure, you won't feel anything b/c they will numb your mouth, and probably give you some medication to make you a little woozy. that's what they did for me anyway. you will be on painkillers afterwards for the pain. the biggest problem for me was eating the following few days. but dont worry, just get some jello and pudding and soup and you will be fine a few days later.
Reply:I was about your age when mine were done. Are you getting the done is a hospital under general? or are you just going to dentist office??

When mine were down it was in a hospital and i was put right out. 2of my teeth cam eout really easy but 2 they had to cut my gums to get them, 1 of them broke into a few peices.

I vomited blood but that was most likely from the sleepy drugs, my face hurt and was swollen for a few days, but in all honesty in a few days I was fine. You may get stitches in your gums and its really hard to not play with them, try not to, i couldn;t restrain myself and ended up pulling 1 out way to soon.

have lots of ice and soft foods for few days, take the pain killers if you need them, don;t suffer to be tough so not worth it.

Good luck and keep in mind that everyone tolerance to pain and the procedure itself is different, just as yours will not be the same as your next door neighbours.

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