Friday, July 31, 2009

Can you be awake during impacted wisdom tooth extraction?

I need 2 of my wisdom teeth removed - both impacted, I believe, one's already through the gums, one isn't - and I wanted to know if I'm able to be awake during it. My dentist keeps insisting you can't be, but I have a strong feeling you probably can and it's just not pleasant. So, can you or can't you? Also, I have breathing problems, and a heart condition, which is why I have issues with being put out. (And yes, I brought these concerns up.) If I *can* stay awake, just how much unpleasantness am I, realistically, looking at? And how likely is it that they might accidentally break my jaw, as I have a very small mouth?

Can you be awake during impacted wisdom tooth extraction?
My boys went in to have theirs out - one guy had 3 out and the other had 4 out. Neither were put to sleep. They were given nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and the gums were numbed. They were both done and out of the office in under an hour. We had a fantastic dental surgeon. They came home with tylenol 3's for the pain after the freezing wore off. Had the surgery done on a friday and were back in school on monday.
Reply:I would not want to be awake. You will do fine. BTW I had two removed. I was put out, and was glad I was.
Reply:im pretty sure it will hurt like hell if you stay awake. imagine, if it hurt when they were growing in, how bad is it going to hurt when they take them out? the have to break through your gums and then sow them back up. you might even pass out from the pain anyways. plus its going to hurt for days later. trust me, you need to be put out. besides you will be probably put on a respirator to control your breathing.
Reply:You can be. I was out for my first 4 extractions and the last four I was awake. You're numbed so much you feel nothing.
Reply:I had my wisdom teeth taken out at different times. I was awake the first time when they did my bottom teeth and one was impacted. The dentist did a really good job of numbing my mouth and I didn't feel anything. He was also quite funny and kept me laughing and relaxed the whole time. Unfortunately, he retired and two years later I had to have the top ones out. I HATE general anesthesia so I called around to A LOT of dentists and oral surgeons to see if they would do it with me awake but they all said no. So yes, it is possible to stay awake, however, I doubt you'll find anyone who will do it with you awake. They're all pretty much gone to putting people to sleep.

As far as your lung and heart problems....Think about the people who have bad enough lung and heart problems that they need a transplant, they actually need a new lung or heart. The doctors put them to sleep to perform the surgery.
Reply:I had all four of my wisdom taken out three days ago, and I was awake! sucked. The odds of them breaking your jaw is very VERY unlikely, but yet not Impossible. I have a very small jaw, and they didn't break my jaw..they just had a little bit more trouble with it, they had to use a drill on my bottom teeth and drill a small hole in the wisdom teeth and then take this rounded tip thing (sorry I don't know what it's called) and stick it in the hole and break it in half, I guess it makes it easier for them to take it out.. Whenever you're put out, they ALWAYS have a breathing specialist, so don't worry, you're in very good hands. And chances of you waking up are very unlikely...

Don't worry, you'll do great!

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