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Scared about getting Wisdom Teeth out!?

I'm 19 years old and I'm getting all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and I'm really nervous. I've never gone through surgrey before and I feel like I'm going to panic. Does anyone have advice?

Scared about getting Wisdom Teeth out!?
When people ask for encouragement about getting their wisdom teeth out, I like to share this story about my three children.

I removed two of my older daughter's wisdom teeth at 2:00 in the afternoon and told her to go home and lie down until dinner time. Before I got home, she had already left for the mall! I was rather angry, because I figured that she'd be moaning all night long and asking me what to do for the pain. Much to my happy surprise, she seemed just fine. She said that she waited until the numbness started to go away and she felt pretty good, so she decided to get up and go.

Same thing with my son. We were actually headed home from a drum lesson and he asked if we could stop in the office to check out the sore place in his mouth. It turned out to be an erupting wisdom tooth. He asked if I felt like taking it out right then, so I did. (I was afraid he might change his mind if he thought about it overnight.) His mom didn't even know he had a wisdom tooth taken out until he had to take the gauze out of his mouth to eat dinner. His uppers were both kind of difficult and he had trouble healing with one of them (sinus involvement), but that didn't last for more than 3 or 4 days.

With my third child, I took her to the oral surgeon, because the roots were sort of close to the nerve and _I_ didn't want to be the one to cause her any trouble if things got difficult. She had nitrous oxide and little bit of iv sedation and had all four removed at once. I wanted to get her right home, but she asked me to stop off at the mall before we went home. She insisted that she was okay. Instead of going home and lying down, she walked through the mall. Yes, she was biting on her gauze packs (in the mall!), but still she was a lot more active than I would recommend. She had no trouble at all healing. I think she went out that night, too. (It was 1999, so I don't remember the details.)

I'm not saying that they are ALL like this, but there are wisdom teeth and then there are w*!`S^D@m TEETH!!! I always say that wisdom teeth (and root canals, by the way) are like teenagers. At least 90% are no trouble at all, but everybody talks about the bad ones.

Also, see
Reply:I'm glad it went well. I hope I helped you get some sleep! NOW - take it easy and follow all of your directions and you'll be fine. Merry Christmas! Report It

Reply:atleast they put u too sleep. I did it, i woke up and it hurt a lil. But later on in the day it hurts like hell. but ull be fine
Reply:It is really not that bad because you will be out of it... I found the worse part of having them out was the taste in my mouth from the dried blood for about a week after ... good luck to you and don't is not to bad.
Reply:Well, the best thing for you to do is to not worry. I had mine taken out in January, and they did a very good job of keeping out of pain. I didn't feel them take any out, actually. the only thing you'll feel is numbness for the first few hours.

Eat soft foods afterwards, and keep it cleaned out, and you won't have to worry about anything bad.
Reply:It was HELL for me!

Sorry, but it's true.

The good thing is that not too many people have died from this proceedure.
Reply:Don't worry, you wont remeber a thing. They put you under. Just make sure you take your pain pills afterward, and watch what you eat. I slept for like 4 hours right after I got home.
Reply:You can now have it done while you sleep. my wife went to a dentist that gave her eneral anntisia
Reply:Just don't think about it. It's not so bad, especially if you have them put you under- Just make sure you have someone to drive you home and take care of you for a few days afterwards. Jello and spaghetti-O's will be your best friends for about a week or so after you get it done. Seriously, though, after I had mine out, I only needed to take the vicadin they gave me one time, and 2 of mine were impacted too.
Reply:don't get scared be brave i had lots of surgerys on my face my hands and everywhere and im only 13 i got burned when i was 4 years old ive been having surgerys sinse then
Reply:I had no problem with the removal of my four. I wasnt asleep either.
Reply:Make sure you don't do anything strenuous to get your heart rate up for a few days after the oral surgery or you can dislodge the clots where the teeth were. Then you get a painful condition called "dry socket" that I guess is just the worst thing ever.

Don't drink milk or milk products right after because milk can settle in the holes where the teeth were and goes sour and smells bad!

Use a Water Pic on the lowest setting to gently clean the area with salt water while everything is sore and you can't brush.

You'll want to have some jello and other soft things around to eat for the first couple of days.
Reply:just relax. i did it and afterwards i was happy i did. nothing to be afraid of. i was in my 30's when i got mine out. i was in my late 20's before mine came in. if i knew then what i know now i would have had them removed sooner. you will be ok.
Reply:I truly believe you are doing the right thing, getting them all out at once. I did, and have known others that have done the same.

I don't see the point in doing it two or more times.

You will heal up the same regardless, and it'll all be over with that way.

Yes, you may experience some swelling, and possible dry sockets, but the dental people are well experienced in dealing with these issues. You'll be fine. Been there done that. Just follow there instructions to the "T" you will be Okay. Time will resolve everything. They will put you to sleep, and when you wake it all will be over. You have my vote of confidence. In a couple weeks, it won't matter too much anymore and you will be on your way without those bad teeth damaging your beautiful smile any further. You'll be fine sweetheart. Email me in a couple weeks and let me know how you are doing.
Reply:my daughter had hers done when she was13. two on top two on bottom oral surgery is the ticket.she did not want to get knocked out. she chose novacaine. she was in a great deal of pain that night .the pain killers are not that strong. but after three or four days things turned for the better today and a lot of money later she has beautiful teeth. I'll never forget that the poor kids teeth grew in crooked and upside down one was into her sinuses.there is nothing to be scared about it's over in about 20-30 MINS after the novacaine takes effect good luck


Reply:it's not so bad, had the same thing. You can't feel any pain, but what they are doing is so extreme that there is some pain later but they give you pain killers. It's not so bad, really.

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Has anyone had their wisdom teeth removed all at once under local anaesthetic?

I have to get mine out next month as I have impacted wisdom teeth. I've been on the waiting list for a while and since then 3 of them have grown out a little but 1 is still wedged in there. My teeth are crowded as it is, so I'm gonna go ahead with it, but I've opted to go for the local rather than the general. I have two little girls so can't afford to be groggy for the rest of the day. I want to know what's it like having them all taken out at once while being wide awake? I know it'll be numb, but what's the experience like, with them bending over you with the tools, pulling and tugging....

Has anyone had their wisdom teeth removed all at once under local anaesthetic?
It's weird definitely doesn't hurt but you basically KNOW what's going on. And your whole head moves each time they pull and twist and such. I was of mine had a cavity in it and when he was pulling it out, it basically exploded. So he had to go in there and get it piece by piece. Still didn't hurt though. And afterwards, even though they gave me pain killers, I was able to get by just using 800mg ibuprofen tablets.
Reply:Yes I got all 4 pulled while i was put to sleep i did a great job and i dnt even like dentist. I got the general I think...but even witht the general i wasnt all that grogy but everyone is diffrent they give u pain medicince anyways good luck and i think that it may be a liitle strang eot have them doing it widew awake i had 2 teeth pulled when I was little while i was wide awake...It wasnt too bad from what I remember. With my wisdom teeth I never took the pain killers.. It didnt hutr that much really
Reply:I have to say in all honesty, I do think you will need help with your girls for the remainder of the day, even with local is extremely likely that the pain and side effects may be more than you expected, plus the experience itself can be frightening (as you said, having the staff bending over you with tools, the cracking sounds you will likely hear, the other noises and procedures, etc.etc.). I had 4 impactions done and was completely wracked with pain and disorientation from the anesthestic for the entire day thereafter. Good luck and hope it turns out ok.
Reply:I had 4 of mine removed at NDC within 20 minutes. The process was fast and it won't hurt abit. But, your lips will me numb after the operation. They will issue you painkillers to consume whenever u experience pain. I had a fever and a headache the first day and they say is usual. Consume the painkiller and slept for quite a while. The nurses will even call your home to check on your progress or any symptons of infection. Its a good experience, remove it all at once and save the time to remove one by one. Hope
Reply:that's how i had mone out. my dentist had headphones so i could listen to music and there was absolutely no pain. it took an hour to remove 4 wisdom teeth, fill a cavity, make another appointment, AND drive home. he was quick.

just make sure you have ice packs ready.....a bag of frozen peas works well. and have plenty of soft foods. they will reccommend ice cream, but applesauce is good, too.

good luck and you will feel so much better afterward.
Reply:I had mine removed under local at age 17 while I was in Nursing School. Since I couldn't miss any classes, I had it done on a Friday evening. I spent the weekend in my dorm room recovering. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure and assist you at your home at least through the day they are removed. You will be unable to eat anything but liquids for several days afterward and no tooth brushing-they had me rinsing my mouth with salt water several times a day. By Monday AM, I was back in class but was still swollen and on a liquid diet for most of that week.
Reply:I did have all 4 taken out under local and I don't recommend it. Try to get a child care provider for the entire day because you will also need rest as you will be in pain for a couple of days. You don't want to take any pain meds that my make you drowsey either. I had to keep my eyes closed during it because I couldn't take seeing them work in my mouth......they have to be sooo close to your face, they are right there in your face. And to me it seemed to take forever because of all 4 needing to be removed. It wasn't a great experience.
Reply:I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed about 20 years ago and only had local anesthesia at that time. Someone will need to drive you home and take care of you at least for the remainder of the day while you are on pain killers. Each person's experience is different, but I was in quite a bit of pain and recovery time was slow. I heard everything that went on and wish I had known more what to expect. I hope you will have someone there to take care of your children while you recover. I really wish you the best.

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Question about pain with wisdom teeth.?

I have impacted wisdom teeth and have a a lot of pain lately, the problem is i cant get them out for another 2 months. If i am feeling pain right now and wait two months will there be any damaged caused? Because if i'm feeling pain something must be going on... I just want to make sure it will be ok to wait the two months. also the dentist took xrays and said if i didnt get them removed they would cause my other teeth to move, can it do this in just two months?

Question about pain with wisdom teeth.?
I would recommend you go to an oral surgeon to have these teeth removed. Is it your choice to wait 2 months, or can you not get an appointment? Yes, your wisdom teeth can actually shift your other teeth. They can cause an infection, or even damage to your adjacent teeth. Sooner is better than later, especially since you are hurting.
Reply:Why don't you just find a dentist who can do it sooner?
Reply:Whats happening is your teeth are trying to come in through the bone. It's okay to wait 2 months, if they move otehr teeth in the mean time, it's okay, as soon as they are removed the other teeth will fall into place. Chances are in 8 weeks your teeth won't move THAT much.

I would take advil or motrin to deal with the pain until then.
Reply:I don't think there will be any damage. Maybe the tooth is making sure that its fully in its place. Ouch! I hope my advice helps! :)

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Panicking about sedation options for wisdom teeth extraction?

22/m here. The oral surgeon told me that I have need to have 3 impacted wisdom teeth extracted. During the procedure, he said he could give me either local anesthesia, light sedation, heavier sedation, or general anesthesia. I opted for general anesthesia because I'm really nervous about the effects of the sedatives and the thought of being "half conscious" makes me very uneasy. He then said only 5% of people choose that option and that I'd have to do the surgery at the hospital with a "Level 4" anesthesia and a breathing tube in my throat!! When I heard that I got even more nervous!! A breathing tube for a wisdom tooth extraction just seems like complete over kill to me and it's making me panic here. When I was in high school I had arthroscopic knee surgery and I was put to sleep but I didn't have a breathing tube in my throat (unless they didn't tell me about it). I thought it was going to be like that! I'm panicking here because now all my options are scaring me. Advice?

Panicking about sedation options for wisdom teeth extraction?
Why are you panicking? Calm down. It's not a big deal. I recommend being put to sleep with general anesthesia. You do not want the "half sleep" and you don't want to be awake at all for this. Trust me, I had it done. You want to be completely knocked out.

I had it done in the oral surgeon's office. No hospital. No breathing tube. You need to find the right oral surgeon to do this. It's done in the office EVERYDAY and you'll be fine.
Reply:Don't worry about it, If they give you the option of twilight... take it. I had a upper GI done and I was only in twilight, and new nothing was even going on.
Reply:since you chose general anesthesia, they must put a breathing tube in because there is a slight risk that your tongue might block your airway. If there is no way for you to go back on your decision, take comfort knowing you will be in a hospital. I do find it a little extreme, i had mine (3 also) removed when i was 33 and they lightly sedated me. It's not such a big deal, the only "weird" thing that might happen is you listening to your roots crunching, and that's it.

If you can still change your option, ASK your dentist what he recommends and follow it.
Reply:I'm deathly terrified of anesthesia, so I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed with a local anesthetic. The injections in my jaw joint hurt like mad, but once the numbness took over I didn't feel a thing. Although I did pass out when I heard the crunch of a stuck tooth being broken away from the jaw bone. But it really didn't hurt at all.

Later I had a root canal that I was very nervous about. They gave me Valium before the proceedure. I have no idea what happened after that! If there was any pain it doesn't matter because I don't remember any of it anyway. In fact, I don't remember anything that happened during the next 2 days!

Maybe your dentist could give you something like that to relax you.
Reply:Don't worry... if he kills you off, then it will be in the news and he will also kill off his dental practice and license too.

I usually go for just a few shots of novocaine, but if you have to have teeth cut out..and three of them at that, then perhaps you have chosen the better option for you. The hospital is good because they have lots of backup people there and equipment to monitor your vital signs and oxygenation and to revive you better if need be. It is just a precaution to avoid lawsuits and the loss of his dental surgery license. The dental board went gung ho after an oral surgeon in my area (a good one who did surgery on me)...because a man he was operating on died in his office of heart trouble that the surgeon didn't know about ahead of time....


Just got Wisdom teeth out 1 week ago. can i run?

I know your not supposed to drink through straw, sneeze, blow balloons because of sinuses. but can i play soccer? it has been one week since surgury and i was feeling OK after the 2nd day.

to be more specific i had impacted wisdom teeth. but after the 3rd day i was fine. theres very little swelling left.

anyway just wondering, if i run and play soccer will i be doing any damage or anything?


Just got Wisdom teeth out 1 week ago. can i run?
It should be fine. Most people are doing their regular activities within a day or two. I can't see what damage could be done. Just don't get hit by a soccer ball in the mouth.
Reply:go for it
Reply:I'm not sure that would be a good idea. The more your blood gets to pumping, the more chance of it hurting, starting to bleed, or even worse, dislodging the blood clot which hurts more than you can imagine. Wait until you see your dentist to be sure. You could try and play just a bit and if it starts hurting -STOP.
Reply:sure, the drinking thru a straw and blowing balloons is to prevent dry socket, running wont hurt
Reply:If it was a week ago, you will be fine. You can do all that stuff.
Reply:Ask the dentist who did the extractions. I sort of doubt if playing soccer would hurt anything, even though it can get to be a rough game. When I had wisdom teeth pulled, I went to a party the same night -- never had any aftereffects. You should be all healed in a week's time.
Reply:Id check with dentist to be sure:)
Reply:yes go for it , im going to be a future dentist
Reply:After a week, if you are feeling normal otherwise, go ahead and run.
Reply:you can enjoy any sport, if swelling %26amp; pain has gone as in your case.


Should i get my wisdom teeth out before boot camp?

i have impacted wisdom teeth and unfortunatly they are ALL impacted. My cousin went into the navy and said that his had to be pulled before he started basic. just wondering if this was true for all branches. i am goin AF

Should i get my wisdom teeth out before boot camp?
Do they bother you now? If not, there is no reason to have them yanked before Basic. If you can wait until after Tech School that would be best. I had mine pulled in Hawaii. The dentist gave me a general anesthetic (sodium p) and I was out for the whole thing. I got 4 days off to recover just laying around the barracks.
Reply:ha...i would...
Reply:They will only make you get them pulled before basic if they think there might be problems through training.

But if you can get them out before you join, do it.

Plus most civilian dentists will put you out like a light for wisdom teeth, military dentists..... local aneasthetic only.
Reply:If they're not bothering you why not wait until you graduate and are at your first duty station. Let Uncle Sam pay for it. Air Force dentists are just as good as civilian ones perhaps better in some cases.
Reply:yes. definately. you get an infection and miss enough training and you could get recycled. seen it first hand. Would not trust the medics checking your teeth in reception, not exactly the most reliable.
Reply:if not and you get halfway through training and have to have them pulled you could get held back, pushed forward, or get stuck with a boatload of paperwork
Reply:I didnt. I was sent to a local (off base) dentist and they put me under and all went well. Apparently at some bases going by the other guys in here they try to push you into having it done on base.
Reply:Both of my kids had theirs pulled during Navy Boot Camp this year. I'm not sure what the AF does.
Reply:If you can afford it I would. If they pull them in boot camp for you, you will get bed rest but you will be miserable the first 2 weeks.
Reply:Mine were pulled at sea...

I strongly recommend you get it done 'outside'.
Reply:my husband had to get his pulled while stationed at camp lejuene after bootcamp, they gave him a few free days and he spent his time on some sweet prescription meds while all his friends were in the field or sweating their asses off in formation.. haha so either way it doesnt really matter. you wont have to run laps an hour after gettin them pulled, they will give u a break


All four wisdom teeth extracted -- but I was told not to rinse my mouth out for 24 hours?

I had all four impacted wisdom teeth extracted earlier this morning. I'm doing alright...the wounds are taking a while to stop bleeding and my jaw is sore and tender to the touch, but the pain meds and icepacks are definitely helping.

My after-care instruction sheet said to not rinse my mouth out for 24 hours. But it also says that I should eat soft foods and liquids (scrambled eggs, soup, pudding, ice cream, milk, jello, etc.) I want to eat but I don't want anything getting stuck in the wound or causing an infection, and if I can't rinse, how can I avoid this?

I don't see how swishing around some warm water in my mouth would hurt. Anyone have experience with this? Any general tips about recovery, avoiding infection/dry socket, and reducing swelling would also be GREATLY appreciated! =D

All four wisdom teeth extracted -- but I was told not to rinse my mouth out for 24 hours?
You can't rinse or spit, but you can gently swish and just let the water run out of your mouth.

Smoking, anything carbonated, and drinking through a straw is what you need to avoid right now.. the suction from the straw may cause the clot(s) to dislodge, leading to a really uncomfortable dry socket

If the bleeding persists, bite on a moist tea bag with gentle pressure.

Tomorrow you can start actual rinsing with warm salt water.. and gently brush the areas with a soft toothbrush.

The better you follow your post-op instructions, the sooner you'll heal and be as good as new!

Relax this weekend!

Reply:You're very welcome!

:) Report It

Reply:the reason they say not to rinse for the first 24 hours is to help the wounds clot and stop bleeding. same reason for eating soft foods.

once it's okay to do so, make sure you rinse. i had a bad experience because of not rinsing properly and it was very painful because food got caught in it. be careful and follow the aftercare instructions as written. good luck
Reply:It's true. Don't rinse or you'll end up in terrible pain.
Reply:I think that you can't rinse because when you spit, you might cause some suction that could take out the blood clots. Why don't you get a milkshake or some icecream, something that won't get stuck???

Oh, also, I don't think that anything soft could get stuck... the holes should be full of a big clot, as long as it's not food that you have to bite on, it shouldn't get stuck.
Reply:You don't want to do anything that dislodges the clots that form over the wounds. If you dislodge these clots, you get what is called a 'dry socket'. It will be very painful for one or two days if this occurs. As well, don't take anything that forces you to chew on these wounds. Do not use a straw as this can result in clots dislodging as well.

more info:
Reply:glad to hear your feeling alright after this a.m.'s appointment. it true though if you rinse out vigorously you will disturb the extraction site and that in turn will hurt the clotting. if you do this, what you may end up with is a "dry socket" and that my friend is far worse then what you are dealing with now. the procedure is a sinister one to remedy a dry socket. you'll have to go back to your dentist, you'll have to be anesthetize agian, and the dentist will have to poke around the extraction site to make it bleed some more in order to form a new blood clot. sounds bad right? so be patient and do what your instruction sheet tells you. it won't be too long until your back to your normal eating habits.
Reply:Rinsing right now would probably dislodge the newly forming clots causing a dry socket to develop. Tomorrow we tell you to rinse! rinse! rinse! with the warm salt water. You will need to do that until you are sick of it, or until the extraction sites cover over well enough. Just do your self a favor, take your medications, relax and follow the "proven" instruction sheet so you can heal quickly and safely. It's better to wait the 24 hours before doing any rinsing, rather than deal with the excruciating pain of a dry socket. Need I mention you would probably have to make the dentist come in for an emergency appointment to pack your socket area off? That in itself may be excruciating pain! Hope I've been of some help and good luck with healing, you’ll feel more like your old self in a day or two.

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