Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wisdom teeth stitch came out... is this normal?

it's been 6 days since I had two impacted wisdom teeth removed. Now my stitches are completely out and I noticed a decent-sized crater on my left side. There's no bleeding or pain or anything. I am just freaked out to see a hole. Am I still at risk for dry socket and what do I do now? Is this normal?

Wisdom teeth stitch came out... is this normal?
The stitch may be missing in action for a couple reasons. First, a lot of dentists opt to use a disolvable suture material so you don't have to return to have stitches removed. In the mouth it would disappear fairly quickly. Since you didn't mention having to return to have them out, I would be this is your case. Dry socket is of most concern usually in the first week, rearing it's ugly head usually around day 4-5. The stitch you had was an insurance policy of sorts, holding the clot in the bone in place until the gum could form a closure to secure it. After six days, that's happened, and you aren't really at risk now for a dry socket. The hole left behind is also normal. You had a pretty good size tooth taking up that space before it was removed, and dentists don't manufacture gum tissue to fill it in, that's the job of your body. The hole will gradually fill in over the next few months, usually inside 4-6 months after you can expect it to pretty much disappear. Meantime, just keep up the swish rinse after you eat to dislodge anything that gets stuck back there, and keep up the regular brushing and flossing. You sound like you're doing pretty well for it being only 6 days, and can probably expect pretty clear sailing from this point on. The time frame for complications is pretty much past you now.
Reply:you're perfectly OK. You had a major surgical procedure and it will take months for that space to close up. The older you are the longer it's going to take, and if you're past your late 20's you probably will always have a depression there. Just keep the area cleaned out with salt water or mouthwash [try to swish it into the hole]. You're pretty much out of the woods for a dry socket.


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